Discover Social Selling Through LinkedIn.


By Dominik Boecker                              August 2016 . 4 min read.



LinkedIn currently has over 346 Million members.

What's going on with all these people in the modern buying world today?
  • 75% of B2b buyers use social to search vendors.
  • 95% expect thought leadership and expect value.
  • 5x more likely to engage when introduced.
So what are the vital Social selling best practices to reach out to potential buyers?
  • Making your social media profile shine.
  • Create a professional brand.
  • Find the right people.
  • Engage with insights.
  • Build relationships.

Become a Social Selling Professional.

According to LinkedIn 2014 Internal Data and member survey those that become proficient in social selling are 51% more likely to exceed sales quota, produce 45% more opportunities  and get a faster promotion.

Strategies to employ in becoming better at social selling:

Build an Expert Brand by optimizing and making your profile shine.

  • Your LinkedIn profile should inform and inspire.
  • A professional photo is your first impression.
  • It's the critical and first chance to show a friendly face.
The tagline under your name should be action oriented, not just a tagline.
The Summary should describe your passions and rich media should illustrate your story to make your profile more interactive.
Educate potential buyers who visit your profile and get LinkedIn to do the hunting for you.
Listen for social triggers that create selling moments and remember insights are inbound leads that are hot or medium such as mentions in the news, new job, new location, or a new team connection.
Selling through relationships.

Ask for a favor by requesting intros when they will have the most impact and offer to ghost write the intro email. And finally ensure to follow through and close the loop with the introducer.

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